It Does not Mean You’re Crazy, Talking Alone It Could Eliminate Stress

TALKING yourself does not mean you are crazy. In fact, the more you talk yourself it signifies you are a really smart person. This is revealed by a new study in Scientific Reports involving two separate experiments.


Research conducted by researchers from Michigan State University and the University of Michigan monitored the brain activity of 29 students. Students are asked to view neutral and disturbing images. Then they are asked to talk about how they feel when they see the picture from the point of view of the first person and the third person.


In another experiment, there were 50 participants who were asked to think of painful experiences in the same way. After an analysis of the two trials, the participants were able to better control their emotions to relieve stress because while telling stories through a third person’s point of view, they spoke for themselves.


“It’s like turning them into a different mode when experiencing negative emotions while telling stories using their own names compared to using the word I or I,” said one researcher as quoted by Fox News, Thursday (3/8/2017). When students are captivated by disturbing images, activity in the emotionally charged brain areas decreases within a second as it speaks from the perspective of a third person. From both experiments the results show that placing the position of oneself in the third person’s perspective requires less effort to establish emotional regulation than when he places himself from the point of view of the first person. That way, the individual becomes more positive-minded.

“When they see the situation from a third person’s point of view, they get a little psychological distance. It’s very helpful when they are in stress-inducing situations, “said another researcher, Jason Moser. For example, when a boy named Jason tells himself “I should not be afraid” he will actually be afraid. On the contrary, when he says “Jason should not be afraid,” it will stimulate his mind to become unafraid. That’s because like there are other people who talk to him and bring positive emotions. Positive feelings can control your mind for the better and affect the intelligence. Moser said the use of a third-person point of view for storytelling should be recommended by psychologists to their patients who are struggling with anxiety and stress. That way the patient can slightly relieve the stress.

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