Facebook Prioritize Loading Faster Page in News Feed

Facebook continues to pursue News Feed garapannya display stories and post more relevant during the last few months. Now, the social networking company announced something new about its News Feed. Facebook has now announced that faster loading pages will be ranked higher in the News Feed. Updates will be made to the News Feed in the coming months.


Updates made Facebook will help users spend more time to read stories that they consider relevant, as quoted from the page livescore123, Thursday (3/8/2017).

After this update, Facebook will begin to take into account the estimated time a webpage loads a person clicks on from any link in the News Feed within the mobile app. It will also consider factors such as the current user’s network connection and the general speed of the web page in question. If a signal shows to Facebook that the web page will load quickly, the web page may be displayed higher in the News Feed. Facebook will roll out these changes gradually over the next few months. This is to anticipate pages that do not change significantly to their reach in News Feed. Previously, Facebook launched a video in News Feed that will be played automatically. If you do not want the sound automatically when you enter Facebook, users can turn it off in both iOS and Android apps.


You just simply select the menu button and go to settings then vote the account, then turn off ‘News Feed Start With Sound’. This Facebook decision will probably help her platform become a major player in the video and encourage advertisers to more easily reach consumers. The new viewing experience also features smoother animations for smoother scaling and redesigned bar progress to make video navigation even more convenient.