play poker online with Bitcoin

In the online poker world, cryptocurrency is fast becoming king, as more and more sites are seeing the flexibility, anonymity and financial benefits to operate through Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other currencies out there.

Poker, of course, joins the party as well – something we’ve seen recently with professional and amateur professionals cashing in big time on crypto’s recent increase in value – and the hope is that the new venture will see poker as one of the mainstay offerings they.

One of the reliable online poker sites of indonesia mikipoker online that certainly understand that the king and queen games have the right place in the online gaming market is BetKing, the largest Bitcoin casino ever on the train that is now ready to be relaunched on ICO, the Early Coin Offer that begins tomorrow.


BetKing and mikipoker came to my attention because their phenomenal pre-sales sold $ 1.45 million and made headlines – just as I read on that:

“The growth in the price of the post-sale ICO tokens has made investors include some recent astronomical gains.”
Serendipity? Well, like all the ‘new technologies’ that involve money, you have to be careful, but here’s where BetKing has a clear advantage because the bankroll-funded crowd of 6000 Bitcoin is returned to investors when they close in December 2016, 7400 Bitcoin in less than two years.

So this re-record already has a proven and reliable track record – 2015 saw BetKing record the most betting volume of all gambling gambling sites (400,000 Bitcoin, almost more than all competitors combined because they are happy – and true – shows out) ” With the highest Boundary bet “as well

So, what to do with poker – or more exactly where our games fit? Well, just like a crowded gaming site, be them based on cryptocurrency or using ‘old money’, the more people invest, the more sites it can offer.


The mikipoker BetKing plan is opening with the traditional cost of roulette and blackjack, as well as their highly successful and profitable dice game, a hi-lo variant responsible for most of the Bitcoin 7400 surplus on their previous incarnation, but poker always follows – a casino Is a casino after All and you have to give passengers what they want.

“Immediately after launch, we will add sports betting, casino games, poker games and tournaments and genuine mobile apps,” said BetKing CEO Dean Nolan.
When the responsible person describes himself as “poker donk”, and also “investor, entrepreneur and developer” you know you like good things – at least you tend to take him to the laundry at poker. Table if not in the business world.


“We will also allow casino websites and app owners to integrate with our platform.We will take care of user accounts and bet and let the casinos develop their own . you can register or daftar online here