play poker online with Bitcoin

In the online poker world, cryptocurrency is fast becoming king, as more and more sites are seeing the flexibility, anonymity and financial benefits to operate through Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other currencies out there.

Poker, of course, joins the party as well – something we’ve seen recently with professional and amateur professionals cashing in big time on crypto’s recent increase in value – and the hope is that the new venture will see poker as one of the mainstay offerings they.

One of the reliable online poker sites of indonesia mikipoker online that certainly understand that the king and queen games have the right place in the online gaming market is BetKing, the largest Bitcoin casino ever on the train that is now ready to be relaunched on ICO, the Early Coin Offer that begins tomorrow.


BetKing and mikipoker came to my attention because their phenomenal pre-sales sold $ 1.45 million and made headlines – just as I read on that:

“The growth in the price of the post-sale ICO tokens has made investors include some recent astronomical gains.”
Serendipity? Well, like all the ‘new technologies’ that involve money, you have to be careful, but here’s where BetKing has a clear advantage because the bankroll-funded crowd of 6000 Bitcoin is returned to investors when they close in December 2016, 7400 Bitcoin in less than two years.

So this re-record already has a proven and reliable track record – 2015 saw BetKing record the most betting volume of all gambling gambling sites (400,000 Bitcoin, almost more than all competitors combined because they are happy – and true – shows out) ” With the highest Boundary bet “as well

So, what to do with poker – or more exactly where our games fit? Well, just like a crowded gaming site, be them based on cryptocurrency or using ‘old money’, the more people invest, the more sites it can offer.


The mikipoker BetKing plan is opening with the traditional cost of roulette and blackjack, as well as their highly successful and profitable dice game, a hi-lo variant responsible for most of the Bitcoin 7400 surplus on their previous incarnation, but poker always follows – a casino Is a casino after All and you have to give passengers what they want.

“Immediately after launch, we will add sports betting, casino games, poker games and tournaments and genuine mobile apps,” said BetKing CEO Dean Nolan.
When the responsible person describes himself as “poker donk”, and also “investor, entrepreneur and developer” you know you like good things – at least you tend to take him to the laundry at poker. Table if not in the business world.


“We will also allow casino websites and app owners to integrate with our platform.We will take care of user accounts and bet and let the casinos develop their own . you can register or daftar online here

Facebook Prioritize Loading Faster Page in News Feed

Facebook continues to pursue News Feed garapannya display stories and post more relevant during the last few months. Now, the social networking company announced something new about its News Feed. Facebook has now announced that faster loading pages will be ranked higher in the News Feed. Updates will be made to the News Feed in the coming months.


Updates made Facebook will help users spend more time to read stories that they consider relevant, as quoted from the page livescore123, Thursday (3/8/2017).

After this update, Facebook will begin to take into account the estimated time a webpage loads a person clicks on from any link in the News Feed within the mobile app. It will also consider factors such as the current user’s network connection and the general speed of the web page in question. If a signal shows to Facebook that the web page will load quickly, the web page may be displayed higher in the News Feed. Facebook will roll out these changes gradually over the next few months. This is to anticipate pages that do not change significantly to their reach in News Feed. Previously, Facebook launched a video in News Feed that will be played automatically. If you do not want the sound automatically when you enter Facebook, users can turn it off in both iOS and Android apps.


You just simply select the menu button and go to settings then vote the account, then turn off ‘News Feed Start With Sound’. This Facebook decision will probably help her platform become a major player in the video and encourage advertisers to more easily reach consumers. The new viewing experience also features smoother animations for smoother scaling and redesigned bar progress to make video navigation even more convenient.

A Week Coma , MotoGP Racing Legend Died

The news of grief is covering the world of MotoGP racing. One of the best racers in the era of 60-80an, Angel Nieto died on Friday (4/8/2017) early morning hrs. He died after a few days coma in hospital due to a traffic accident. Just for information, Nieto known to be hit by a car on July 26, 2017. As a result of the incident, to the man 70 years it hit the asphalt surface. The news of Nieto’s death was immediately confirmed by the official MotoGP page. In the release, MotoGP fans also extend their deepest condolences to the families and friends left behind.

Here, the official MotoGP statement: Spaniard Angel Nieto died at a hospital in Ibiza, sadly he succumbed to injuries suffered in an ATV accident on 26 July. The 13-time world champion – who always calls him 12 + 1 – is a MotoGP legend and a key in building Spain as a world power in Grand Prix motor racing. He’s 70 years old. After being treated intensively for a week following the accident he experienced, Nieto’s condition then worsened and eventually died on August 3 (local time). The MotoGP community extends their deepest condolences to Nieto’s family and friends as we say goodbye to the true legend that will always be missed.

It Does not Mean You’re Crazy, Talking Alone It Could Eliminate Stress

TALKING yourself does not mean you are crazy. In fact, the more you talk yourself it signifies you are a really smart person. This is revealed by a new study in Scientific Reports involving two separate experiments.


Research conducted by researchers from Michigan State University and the University of Michigan monitored the brain activity of 29 students. Students are asked to view neutral and disturbing images. Then they are asked to talk about how they feel when they see the picture from the point of view of the first person and the third person.


In another experiment, there were 50 participants who were asked to think of painful experiences in the same way. After an analysis of the two trials, the participants were able to better control their emotions to relieve stress because while telling stories through a third person’s point of view, they spoke for themselves.


“It’s like turning them into a different mode when experiencing negative emotions while telling stories using their own names compared to using the word I or I,” said one researcher as quoted by Fox News, Thursday (3/8/2017). When students are captivated by disturbing images, activity in the emotionally charged brain areas decreases within a second as it speaks from the perspective of a third person. From both experiments the results show that placing the position of oneself in the third person’s perspective requires less effort to establish emotional regulation than when he places himself from the point of view of the first person. That way, the individual becomes more positive-minded.

“When they see the situation from a third person’s point of view, they get a little psychological distance. It’s very helpful when they are in stress-inducing situations, “said another researcher, Jason Moser. For example, when a boy named Jason tells himself “I should not be afraid” he will actually be afraid. On the contrary, when he says “Jason should not be afraid,” it will stimulate his mind to become unafraid. That’s because like there are other people who talk to him and bring positive emotions. Positive feelings can control your mind for the better and affect the intelligence. Moser said the use of a third-person point of view for storytelling should be recommended by psychologists to their patients who are struggling with anxiety and stress. That way the patient can slightly relieve the stress.

Getting ready! See the Amazing Scenes in the Sky of the Moon

If you are not an astronomer or space researcher, this month you will enjoy sky views. The reason is on 11 and 12 August, the world community is expected to witness the solar eclipse. Quoted from, Thursday (03/08/2017), in addition to seeing the solar eclipse, you will also see the most watched meteor showers of the year. Every year, Earth passes through clouds of dust and rock left behind by the Swift-Tuttle Comet.

The Swift-Tuttle Comet (formally designated 109P / Swift-Tuttle) is a periodic comet with a 133-year orbit (osculating) period. The Swift-Tuttle comet was last seen in Earth’s atmosphere in 1992 and is expected to pass again in 2125. When a comet dust trail strikes Earth’s atmosphere, spectacular light looks like a shooting star. The tail of the meteor is expected to lead to the northern hemisphere of Perseus, which is why the fall meteor show is named Perseid meteor.

Perseid itself is a constellation in the northern hemisphere, symbolizing an Ancient Greek hero who fought Medusa. This constellation is one of the constellations of the 48 constellations of Ptolemy and also one of the 88 modern constellations. Although not the only show in town, Perseid is usually considered the best. Most observers of the sky can see approximately 80 meteors per hour across the sky.

The phenomenon of last year, there are approximately 200 meteors per hour that illuminate the sky thanks to Jupiter who pulled the comet dust trail. No need to remove telescopes or binoculars, you simply lay in the vast park to enjoy the beautiful scenery. “Peak Perseid is estimated to occur approximately 1 pm EDT (22.00 WIB) on August 12 this year, which is in the middle of the day,” said NASA asteroid expert Bill Cooke.Circle dust Swift-Tuttle footprints are easy to appear in the sky at night with some meteors .

To find out if Earth’s inhabitants can see Perseid beautifully, it can be ascertained on August 7th. At that time there were several meteors that fell and could be seen using a simple telescope. The Moon Eclipse occurs when the Earth throws a colored shadow on the surface of the Moon, caused by the light bias through Earth’s atmosphere like the sun goes down. In America, there is a major phenomenon on August 21, the full solar eclipse that crosses the coast.